Basement Tapes, a Novel

by Demonic Sweaters

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    Basement Tapes, A Novel is a bit of a concept album, though its pretty hard to understand the concept unless you're me. That being said. It is one of the most popular Demonic Sweaters albums and have been told by listeners that it sounds "meaningful". I will confess to going through quite a bit when I was making this, so it is indeed very meaningful to me. I sold out of the homemade tape version, but now you can get it on CD. I really appreciate every purchase, thanks for looking!

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1988, Passed Out on the Couch:
You've had a long day and a trying night. You've had one too many and now lay passed out in the living room. You're dreaming of a tall man in field somewhere. Infomercials are on the TV. The year is 1988.

Hot Floor:
Standing up on the balcony you look out over the hot floor. Leonard is somewhere in that crowd. You need to find him before he starts to suspect something.

Magic Sex:
You've felt it now, the magic sex.

Chinatown Bus:
You finished at 2pm like every Sunday and now it's time take the Chinatown Bus. Look out the window -hot out there. You're in a different world now. What will happen in the future?

Frozen Radio Station:
You can't believe the building is in tact having been buried under this sheet of ice for who knows how long. You break off a long ice cycle and hurl it towards the opening where you and your team broke through the sheet. It echos as it shatters to pieces.

Manhattan Overpass:
Driving over the bridge late at night you just want to forget your troubles for a few hours, a few days. You were partly lead here blindly, but taking back control will cause some pain.

Almost Crumbling:
As much of a relief you thought it would be to all be over, regardless you don't want it to end. Only the outside cracks but once again it stayed in tact without collapse. You understand the dualistic nature of things too well for any normal person to handle and stay sane. Looking out at the water you see a large ship. You know this ship has other people, other people living other lives on it. What do they know about dualism?

Basement Tape:
You've just woken up -10AM. No car, no job, all the possibilities of youth are at your disposal. Hit it once and feel different. Time passes slowly for now my friend, but not for long.

Waking up Different:
You lay in bed awake at 11am and you're piecing together the previous night. You're changed now. What action will you take? For now at least, you need to get up and pretend, if only for the next 9 hours or so, that nothing has changed. The year is 1998.

Cybernetic Traveler:
High-speed rails take you to your next destination where you will meet your love.You look out the train window and watch palm trees fly by at 400 miles per hour. The day is beautiful and you're happy. Even though it's a short trip, you dose off and dream something you will not recall. The year is 2025.

Derrick's Song:
you always wanted to be a singer. now you are one. the notes trickle down onto the wildlife high in the mountains. a place of rebirth.

1974, Looming:
Its freezing and windy outside. The room suddenly got quiet when you brought up the game, which was odd since you are all friends. Something washes over you and gives you a chill. You suddenly feel not right. Who was that girl at the pool hall? The year is 1974.


released July 30, 2013

Justin Wierbonski



all rights reserved


Demonic Sweaters New York

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